How to best peel chestnuts



It is characterized by being a very special month, which gives way to a new season, a time that involves the transition to a period that goes from the most absolute heat (typical of summer), to the coldest days of winter.

It is a season in which the known change of schedule occurs, which always tends to affect many people, especially because the decrease in light causes a hormonal change that in many cases causes the appearance of the so-called autumnal depression (also known as autumnal asthenia ).

To avoid these consequences, which in fact disappear only in a few days, it is advisable to anticipate the change by consuming fruits as healthy as figs, which provide ideal nutrients to avoid these bothersome symptoms of autumn, and take vitamin supplements to help increase the defenses , and thus prevent the spread of flu or colds.

Also the month of October is characterized by the arrival of two of the most characteristic foods of autumn, in addition to figs: chestnuts and mushrooms, two natural products that are as healthy as they are healthy.

In the first of the foods, they provide a great variety of benefits and nutrients, among which are vitamins of group B and carbohydrates, which provide energy. A good way to consume them is, either raw, or roast chestnuts .

But, on certain occasions, peel the chestnuts It can become an odyssey. Therefore, we present below a simple trick that will be very useful.

Useful tips to help you peel chestnuts

Although for peel the chestnuts it only takes a bit of skill, and above all patience, it is only necessary to make a cut in its hardest shell with the help of a knife.

Then put in a saucepan water to boil, and when the water boils put them in the pot, leaving them to rest for three minutes. To peel them well, it is essential that we do so before they cool down.

There are also people who tend to roast them to peel them and eat them better. The only drawback is that you must wait for them to cool down (not to burn you) and that you can not use them in desserts, given that as a rule they tend to be somewhat burned.

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