How to organize a children's party: and have fun!

Whether it's your first year of age, or if your child already has five, the celebration of children's parties ends up being something very important and stressful at the same time . While it is true that the first year one does not know very well where to start, as practice and experience grows they are positive to learn from mistakes.

Before organizing, we must take into account basic aspects such as the place, the number of guests, catering, games or gifts. And one of the essential factors is the budget, since it depends on choosing one or the other option.


Useful tips that will help you organize the best children's party for your child

Place for celebrations

If the anniversary is in summer or spring, the best location is a park, forest or garden because the outdoors allows children to move and have a better time. In other seasons of the year, we recommend interiors, be it at home, in a leisure center or in the rental of a place for that purpose.

The space will depend on the number of people, so we will calculate before whom we are going to invite, we will reserve the space in advance and then we will give the invitations and ask who can come.

In the event that the place is somewhat expensive, the option of sharing parties with other children who also have years becomes a priority, because the expenses are also shared and it is much more profitable.

Catering, food for all

Food is one of the reasons that a party is more or less successful. In the end children are about to play and sometimes they do not pay much attention to it, but it is basic when it comes to inviting adults and children.


Healthy eating is a rare practice at children's parties . We can offer, in addition to the typical pica a pica (based on snaks), skewers with fruit, rolls with turkey, mini spinach burgers ... there are many options for children to eat well in a snack.

When it comes to catering, we must also think about the parents of the children who will accompany them at the party. The sandwiches can be more complete besides offering quality sausages.

The catering can be self-made, something that takes a lot of time; or bought, much better if you want to be calm and sure it will be good, but it will be somewhat more expensive. The occasion deserves it.

We can not neglect the cake, the king of all parties. Although chocolate is the main ingredient, it is always better not to go with the cocoa because it can get too heavy, especially the little ones.

Theme parties

In recent years and from the United States, children's theme parties ensure great success. In this type of celebrations the decoration is very prominent: if the theme is Disney everything must be in harmony with the main object. If it is pirates, the place must recreate a ship, an island and a treasure in the form of candies, for example.


We recommend making a list with the decoration that we will need, in details, on the table, in the room, etc. Regardless of the theme, balloons, tablecloths and banderoles can serve to liven up the party and make it have that childish character that is sought. They are usually economic supplements that can be reused for other events.

Costumes and games

In thematic parties, the invited children are often asked to bring a particular outfit. In the case of the most common celebrations, these costumes are used to make games, as are make-ups (it is a good idea to hire a make-up artist, it is an activity that everyone likes) and hairstyles.

At certain times children need action. The games based on ball pools and those found in any park work but not always. Children need new games with imagination.

For this it is good to create new atmospheres, such as discos with dances and music, or hire a magician, or make games with tracks throughout the room, or when they are somewhat older. They will make the party remembered.


In the best parties the guests take a gift. It can be a toy, or something practical that is going to be used daily. Jellybeans are very typical and often annoy parents for giving a lot of sugar to their children.

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