How to make veganesa: mayonnaise for vegans

As you surely know, the Mayonnaise is an emulsified sauce served cold, made mainly from whole egg and vegetable oil shakes (usually used mostly olive oil), which is in turn seasoned with lemon juice or vinegar and salt. For its preparation, the egg yolks are used, which are beaten while adding a little lemon juice or vinegar, and then adding the vegetable oil. As a main recommendation, the most important thing is that all the ingredients are at the same temperature, there is no specific amount of oil to add, which is intuitive according to the personal taste of the person who makes it.

However, for those who follow a vegan diet or simply do not want to continue consuming foods of animal origin, as for example is the case of the egg, it is possible to make at home a wonderful vegan , which consists of the delicious mayonnaise for vegans , without egg or milk.

Vegan recipe

What is veganesa and what does it consist of?

La Veganesa consists of a delicious vegetable sauce made with 100% natural ingredients, which replaces mayonnaise . It can be made with any drink of vegetable origin, and there are even those who prepare it with tofu , but the one that has had the most success is the one that is elaborated with soy milk .

As with the preparation of traditional mayonnaise, the ingredients must be at room temperature . In order to make the recipe as natural and healthy as possible, it is advisable to use first-cycle cold-pressed organic oils as well as organic lemons.

How to make the veganesa

Ingredients needed:

  • 100 ml. of soy milk
  • 250 ml. of sunflower oil
  • A few drops of lemon juice or vinegar
  • Unrefined sea salt

Steps to elaborate the veganesa:

  1. First put the soy milk in the blender cup together with the sea salt, and beat at medium speed holding the blender fixed.
  2. Add a string of sunflower oil constantly until the indicated amount is completed.
  3. Little by little you will see that the sauce will begin to emulsify.
  4. When you reach this point move the blender arm from bottom to top until you get a creamy consistency.
  5. Before finalizing add a few drops of vinegar or lemon and reserve in the fridge.
  6. List!.

How to make veganesa

The veganesa is perfectly preserved in the fridge, and can be stored for 2 to 3 days maximum.

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