How to make the best coffee with Italian coffee maker (moka coffee maker)

Recipe to make coffee with Italian coffee machine

Take a good coffee is a luxury, a pleasure within reach of many, mainly for the low cost involved in its development. But for the coffee to be obviously of quality, and allow us to enjoy all its incredible organoleptic qualities (in terms of flavor, aroma and texture), it is necessary know how to do it correctly . And not only depends on the quality of coffee or water, but also know how to prepare it according to the coffee machine that we are going to use. So, if you are going to use one of the most traditional and traditional coffee makers (as is the case with Italian coffee maker ), it is necessary to know what steps we must follow to be able to do it properly.

Some useful tips before preparing our coffee with Italian coffee machine

  • Choose a quality coffee. It is a fundamental element, because without a good coffee, however much we follow the steps that we propose in this section, it will be of little use. That yes, depending on your personal preference, choose the type of mixture that you like. Remember that you can opt for natural coffee, roasted coffee and coffee mix. The main difference is that coffee mix is ​​a combination of natural roast coffee and roasted coffee; natural coffee is one in which the green coffee bean is roasted naturally (without adding more ingredients); and roasted coffee is green coffee roasted with glucose syrup or sucrose.
  • Ground coffee Although it is very usual to always use an already ground coffee, and there is no problem for it, the ideal is to try to grind the coffee ourselves immediately before preparing it. In this way, we will enjoy a much fresher and more aromatic coffee.
  • Pure quality water. Like coffee, water must also be of quality, pure, tasteless, colorless and odorless. If the tap water does not meet these qualities, it is best to forget about it.
  • Measure coffee and water in proper proportions. Depending on the size of the Italian coffee machine that you use, the capacity of the deposit of both water and coffee will already be properly calculated. Of course, remember the most appropriate measure: 10 grams of ground coffee (one tablespoon) per small cup or 2 tablespoons for 1.75 dl of water.
  • The water should never boil. We must always be aware of the moment when the coffee rises, to separate it from the fire and prevent the water from boiling. If it boils, the most common is that the flavor of the coffee becomes stronger, and has a slight burnt taste. To do this, the water must be cold and must be heated slowly, until the temperature reaches approximately 95-97 ° C.
  • The best? Take the newly made coffee. Served in the right cup, it is best to take the coffee always freshly made, so that it retains all its organoleptic virtues. With regard to the cup to be used, those of fine porcelain have the quality of keeping the heat well. However, if you choose a cup with thick walls, it is advisable to heat it beforehand.

Coffee in Italian coffee

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How to prepare the best coffee with our Italian coffee maker step by step

Once we have followed the useful tips indicated in the previous section, it is time to prepare the coffee in our beloved Italian coffee maker. To do this, it will be enough to follow the steps we propose below:

  1. With the well-washed Italian coffee maker (remember, always with water and without using soap or a dishwasher), pour the cold water on the bottom in the proper amount.
  2. If you are going to use coffee beans, grind it immediately before preparing the coffee maker. In relation to the type of grind chosen, for the Italian coffee maker it is recommended that it is neither too thin nor too thick. Once ground - or if you even use it already ground in advance - pour the coffee carefully and spoon by spoon, until reaching the top of the container.
  3. Screw the upper container and put it on the fire.
  4. It is recommended that the fire is not very strong, in this way we will achieve that, when reaching the boiling point, the water passes through the coffee contained in the filter funnel, until reaching the upper container.
  5. Once the water starts to rise to the top, it is recommended to put out the fire. This way we will give time for the coffee to release all its aroma.

Coffee in Italian coffee

What is the Italian coffee maker?

The Italian coffee maker is, probably, the coffee maker that practically all of us have at this moment in our homes, precisely before the emergence of the popular capsule coffee makers. It is also known by the name of moka coffee machine .

It is basically an espresso machine with which the coffee is made using water vapor . It was originally invented by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. In fact, the company, of the same name (Bialetti), continues today to sell and produce the same model under the brand name "Moka Express".

This type of coffee machine offers a really characteristic flavor to coffee in comparison with other coffee makers, such as the drip coffee maker, since the water passes at a higher pressure and at a higher temperature. In fact, thanks to the use of water vapor, the oil present in the coffee is extracted with greater ease, hence coffee made with Italian coffee machine has a larger body and a slightly stronger flavor .

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