How to make caramelized onions healthier (without sugar or red wine)

How to make caramelized onions

The caramelized onion it is an authentic marvel as an accompaniment to an infinity of salty dishes, since its slightly sweet flavor combined with the peculiar and particular taste of the onion, combines perfectly with salty recipes. For example, meat dishes (especially veal or turkey) are very good. Or even something as simple and simple as a warm toast with brie or blue cheese.

It is, in fact, an accompaniment that can be found in an infinite number of preparations, especially tapas or pinchos. Moreover, there are those who use it to prepare a potato omelet, by providing an even more different and delicious flavor, compared to the typical potato omelette with onions that is traditionally made.

The traditional caramelized onion recipe is made using ingredients such as sugar and red wine. For example, for a preparation of 3 onions, it is common to add 3 tablespoons of sugar and 1/4 glass of red wine. However, it may not be a recommended option for some people. What's more, as they indicate from Rechupete Recipes , in fact it is not so adequate, and contrary to what is usually thought, the caramelization of the onion is achieved through the oxidation of its natural sugars, and not by adding sugar in the process.

Therefore, did you know that it is possible to prepare caramelized onions without red wine and without sugar? The key, as we will see, is to let the onions go brown little by little, not to burn, and let the sugars onion come out and begin to melt until they become caramel. Indeed, it is the same action of sugar, but it is a process that tends to take a little longer.

How to make healthy caramelized onions


  • 3 large purple onions
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of water
  • Salt


First peel the onions and cut them into julienne (in strips). Avoid cutting them too thin. Put olive oil in a non-stick pan and put it on the fire. When the oil has acquired a little temperature - but it can not be very hot, to prevent the onion from burning - pour it into the pan and stir well, in this way you will get the oil to come in contact with the whole onion.

Lower the heat and let the onion cook slowly, approximately 30 to 35 minutes. We must let the onion go brown little by little, but to get to this point, before it should become transparent and wane a little (do not worry, it's a normal process).

To get the onion to be done as uniformly as possible, stir a little from time to time. This way you will avoid that some parts burn and others remain raw.

When you notice that the onion has reduced its size to more than half, it is time to add the 2 tablespoons of water. Then, carefully, stir again. You will get in this way a lighter candy.

Finally, the onion will be caramelized, and therefore ready, when it goes from the golden tone to the usual toasted color. Once you reach this point, add a little salt (which will allow you to enhance its flavor), and remove it from the heat.

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