How to make an anti-inflammatory chervil cream for the skin

There are many aromatic herbs that we can use every day in our kitchen, with which precisely to flavor our dishes, fill them with flavor and incredible properties and benefits, not only nutritional but also curative and preventive to ultimately enjoy a better health. This is the case of chervil , a very popular aromatic herb belonging to the same family as the parsley (family of apiaceous ), also popularly known as cerefolio or perifolio, and originally from the Caucasus and the Middle East.

About its characteristics we have already spoken to you at some other occasion: annual herbaceous plant that can reach 70 centimeters in height, with erect and striated stems and flat leaves that remind very much those that in fact have parsley, of intense green color very bright and with white flowers.

Chervil cream for the skin

It becomes an excellent natural option to fill our vitamins and minerals with our stews, salads, broths, butters or egg dishes, as well as being ideal for purifying our body and eliminating the different toxins that have accumulated in it. In addition, precisely because of its richness in vitamin C it becomes an antioxidant herb very useful when it comes to blocking the negative action of free radicals, which cause premature aging of our cells.

But today we want to look at their anti-inflammatory qualities when applied on the skin , either in the form of poultice, cold infusion or as a natural cream. Did you know that it is an excellent ally for cure chronic dermatoses , the ophthalmias , skin irritations and the erythema ? We explain how to easily prepare at home a chervil cream for the skin , and what benefits it brings.

Recipe of homemade chervil cream to relieve skin inflammations

Ingredients you need:

  • 50 gr. of chervil stems
  • 100 gr. of Vaseline

Preparation of anti-inflammatory cheryl cream:

First put the Vaseline in a saucepan or saucepan, and heat over high heat. When it begins to boil and melt, add the chervil stems in the indicated quantity, mix a little with the help of a wooden spoon. Then turn off the heat, cover and let rest for 8 hours.

After this time, filter and reserve in a glass jar, where you can keep it for a few days as you use it.


How to use this anti-inflammatory cream?

Once the anti-inflammatory cream of chervil is made at home, it is enough to apply a little of it to those areas of the skin where you have irritations, itching or erythema, leaving it to act for a few minutes until the skin absorbs it.

It is also very interesting applied on external hemorrhoids in order to relieve inflammation and pain, or on insect bites to reduce itching and stinging.

Properties and uses of chervil cream for the skin

As we mentioned in the previous lines, this chervil cream for the skin It is extremely useful for the care, treatment prevention of certain inflammatory conditions of the same, thanks especially to its different anti-inflammatory qualities:

  • Insect bites : if you have been bitten by an insect this cream is very useful to reduce itching and itching, as well as being adequate to reduce inflammation.
  • Chronic diseases : for example in case of gout, arthritis or rheumatic diseases.
  • Hemorrhoids : Helps relieve discomfort related to the inflammation of external hemorrhoids.
  • Skin irritation : it is very useful to alleviate the discomfort caused by skin irritations, as well as pruritus and itching.
  • For baby's skin : it is adequate to relieve the characteristic erythema that appears on the buttocks of babies.


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