How to make a nutritious apple and seed muesli

Start the day with a energy breakfast , based on hundred percent natural foods is the best option to start the day right because it is an excellent way to provide our body with the energy it needs so much in the morning. Among the foods that could not be missed at breakfast, we can undoubtedly find ourselves with the muesli , which can be elaborated with a very large diversity of beneficial foods, among which we should mention the oats .

It is an excellent natural option when it comes to providing our bodies with complex carbohydrates, soluble fiber, proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins B and E and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and zinc. , in addition to amino acids and enzymes that make it a food not only very complex, but in a highly digestive product.

Apple muesli with oats and seeds

And why the muesli is considered one of the most complete foods that exist ? Very simple: because consists of a mixture of oats and rye, fruits, wheat germ and nuts , although in its preparation it is also possible to add more nutritious foods. Among the fruits most commonly used in its development we can mention the apple and grape, while nuts include hazelnuts, walnuts and raisins.

Following the steps that we proposed in a previous recipe in which we explained how to make muesli easily at home, this time we want to expose you the ingredients and steps necessary to make an even more nutritious and delicious dish: a delicious apple muesli and sunflower seeds and pumpkin . You dare? It's delicious!.

Ingredients that you need

To make this variety of muesli you need 2 tablespoons of oat flakes, 60 gr. of sunflower seeds, 60 gr. of pumpkin seeds, 150 gr. of hazelnuts (chopped), 125 gr. of rice flakes, 125 gr. of millet flakes, 120 gr. of dried apple and 115 gr. of dried dates without bone (chopped).

Steps to make the apple muesli with seeds

The night before leave in a bowl or bowl soaking the oatmeal together with 5 tablespoons of water. The next day put a pan over medium heat. Add the seeds and hazelnuts and toast a little until golden brown. Put the seeds and toasted hazelnuts in a large bowl and let them cool.

Now add the flakes of rice, millet, apple and chopped dates and mix well. Ready! It is advisable to keep in a container with airtight seal.


How to eat apple and seed muesli

It is delicious accompanied with vegetable drinks of rice, oats or almonds, or with yogurt. If you wish, you can also sweeten it with whole cane brown sugar or honey.

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