How to make good coffee

prepare a good coffee He coffee It becomes one of the most consumed beverages in the world, along with tea in all its different varieties. It is ideal at the time of dessert, at the end of a meal, as breakfast, or even when we need a little extra energy at some time of the day.

It can become an option for breakfast (to start with renewed energies the day of work or study), as a break at work, in the after-dinner, or even in a wonderful get-together between friends.

The truth is that there are many who like to have a good cup of coffee as a real pleasure. And they do not lack reason, since depending on the variety of coffee that is consumed, it gives us completely different textures, aromas and flavors.

Although make a coffee it's simple, it's not the same as make a good coffee . To achieve this, it is essential to keep in mind some basic rules to follow when we want to make a better coffee.

Tips for preparing a good coffee

The coffee

Obviously the coffee must be of the highest quality. That yes, depending on the preferences of each one, we must choose the type of mixture that we like.

The coffee? Better in grain

It is common to opt for coffee already ground and packaged, precisely because of its ease of use when it comes to doing it. Although it is a useful option especially for those in a hurry, if what you want is to make a good coffee enjoying all its aroma and flavor, it is best to opt for coffee beans.

It is advisable to grind the coffee immediately before we go to prepare it. Or even if you want to opt for the option already ground, it is best to make it grind in the store when we buy it (whenever this is possible).

How should the water be?

It is not advisable to opt for tap water if it does not meet the right qualities. Mineral water in this sense would be the best option.

Prevents water from boiling

At some point it may be normal that we do not hear that the coffee rises, so that leaving it a few more minutes causes it to boil.

It is not an appropriate option, so it is best to always be alert and that the water be heated slowly until the temperature reaches 95 to 97º C.

Do not wait to have your coffee

Just like it is better to grind the coffee before doing it, it is a very good option to take it just made.

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