How to improve health in autumn and winter

As we have already discussed on many occasions, autumn it is a season of transformations that, as we well know, greatly influences our state of mind as well as physical.


Although it seems to us that our body and that life itself remain the same, in our interior there are a series of changes that help us adapt to the drop in temperatures and the decrease in sunlight.

Many experts agree that just after the summer, the so-called "post-holiday slump" occurs, which consists mainly of an increase in the symptoms of both stress as of the anxiety .

There are some tricks that will help us improve our health after the arrival of autumn and winter. In short, these are just a few simple steps that, if followed, will help us enjoy these beautiful seasons of the year:

  • Sleep as necessary to be rested / as. Avoid going to sleep at night and sleep enough hours (seven or eight). In this way our skin will look more luminous and rested, and our immune system upgrade to.
  • Eat and eat healthy, in sufficient quantities and all, especially increasing the intake of both fruits like vegetables .
  • Move! do exercise , either walking for half an hour / an hour every day, or even practice some jogging.
  • We have already heard about some of the most important benefits of drinking water . The recommendation in this case is to take large amounts of water, which in turn will help hydrate our skin.
  • Relax and enjoy the autumn and winter evenings. This way you will keep stress and anxiety at bay.

If you have been interested this note knows some of the natural remedies that phytotherapy offers us for autumn and winter .

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