How to have a healthy digestive system?

There are many issues that, in a certain sense, can affect our digestive system , arriving -with it- to appear problems as annoying as the Indigestion or heavy digestion , constipation , diarrhea, gas or the dreaded reflux.

It is also true that certain eating habits can have a negative influence when it comes to enjoying a healthy digestive system . For example, it is common that today, with the level of stress and anxiety that we have, many people tend to Eat excessively . This is very negative, since in addition to eating more, we do it fast, so that our stomach can not digest what we eat well.

But are there some guidelines, tricks or basic tips that can help to have a healthy digestive system , thus avoiding most of the problems and sufferings that may affect our digestive system ?

As we have seen in some other occasion, the fiber It is essential to be able to maintain healthy and healthy our digestive system , especially because it is necessary for its multiple benefits and, precisely, not only to combat constipation.

How to have a healthy and healthy digestive system

That is why it is recommended daily to take a lot of fiber, especially those foods rich in fiber: cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits ( complex carbohydrates ), although these last ones we will have to eat them alone since they ferment quickly.

Drink a lot of water It is also vital to ensure proper functioning of our digestive system, as we saw in the note on the Benefits of drinking water : at least eight glasses, which come to be about 2 liters of water per day.

It is advisable not eat dairy and meat at the same time , since both foods contain many proteins and, therefore, our digestion will be much slower; just like if we add meat to complex carbohydrates.

A really good option is to walk after meals, yes, without doing too strong, extensive or strenuous exercise.

How to have a healthy digestive system

Following these simple guidelines we will gradually improve our digestive system

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