How to get pumpkin oil

get-pumpkin-oil He pumpkin oil It has become an interesting natural remedy for many men, precisely because of its medicinal, protective and healing qualities of the prostate. In fact, as we knew in our note on the pumpkin oil for the prostate , it helps not only prevent prostate cancer, but also its enlargement (a disorder that usually appears after age 50, and affects many men every year).

Obviously, we are faced with an oil of vegetable origin, which is obtained from the seeds that we find inside the pumpkin . However, the best version is the first cold pressure, and not the one that has been refined.

Regarding its nutritional wealth, it is a liquid especially rich in proteins, unsaturated fatty acids (especially omega 3 and omega 9), fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Bearing in mind that at present it is in a certain way difficult to find it in the market, the best -and most economic- is to know how to get pumpkin oil easily at home. We explain the steps.

Ingredients to obtain pumpkin oil

  • 1 Styrian pumpkin

Utensils needed to obtain pumpkin oil

  • 1 knife
  • Foil
  • Napkins
  • Mortar and mallet

Steps to obtain oil from pumpkin seeds

With the help of a kitchen knife, make a circle around the stem that you will find on the top of the pumpkin (the hole must be so wide that you can put your hand in comfort, to remove the seeds inside).

Wedge the knife in the hole and push the handle down to pull the stem. Repeat this step at several points on the circle. Remove the lid of the pumpkin, and reserve on one side.

Putting your hand through the hole, remove the seeds, placing them in a large saucepan.

Wash the seeds well. Leave on paper towels until they are well dried.

In the oven, place the seeds on aluminum foil and toast at a temperature of at least 140º.

Once roasted, remove, let cool and use a mortar to crush them well, until they exude oil.

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