How to eliminate gases

how-to-eliminate-gases The gases or flatulence (medically known as intestinal gas or stomach gas ) become a real problem for many people when they appear.

Although its natural expulsion is usual through belching or through the rectum, in certain occasions its expulsion may not be so simple, causing the appearance of annoying and uncomfortable symptoms, such as abdominal swelling , feeling of heaviness and stomach inflammation.

In most occasions the gases are caused by the consumption of certain foods or by heavy digestions (especially by the way we eat, how bad we chew and how fast we do it). Although they can also be caused by stress, nervousness and other certain health problems.

Precisely for those moments in which the flatulence and the elimination of gases it is or not simple, it is convenient to keep in mind the following tips, useful to know how to eliminate gases .

How to eliminate gases?

  • Eat natural and healthy foods.
  • If you plan to eat some of the foods that can cause gas (such as legumes, whole wheat, fried or bran bread, cabbages, cauliflower or fatty meats), try to take them in small amounts.
  • Eat calm and relaxed.
  • Avoid swallowing air every time you eat.
  • Avoid eating too much fiber. Although beneficial against constipation , consuming a lot can have the opposite effect, in addition to causing flatulence, heaviness and upset stomach.
  • Avoid sitting at the table when you are anxious or nervous. In case you feel this way, try to postpone the food a bit - if you can - until you feel calmer.
  • The infusions of chamomile, anise and fennel can help prevent the appearance of gases, especially if you take them after meals.

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