How to eat fruits and vegetables

If you read us for some time, surely you have noticed that, in many occasions, we tend to emphasize the importance that, for our health, have the fruits and vegetables .

eat fruit and vegetables

Especially, because they tend to be very rich foods in nutrients , vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, so that by eating fruits and vegetables daily we ensure a healthier and healthier (as long as I allow redundancy).

Not in vain, many are the experts who recommend taking at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, choosing for example those fruits or vegetables that we like the most.

But how should fruits and vegetables be eaten or eaten? In what way can we ensure its correct contribution of nutrients ?.

Guidelines for eating fruits and vegetables

One of the best options is to avoid peeling fruits, so that we always eat them with skin. This is so because most of the skin is found on the skin fiber , and the highest number of vitamins.

If we want to eat them cooked, the best is cook them until they are at their point, but do not leave them longer on the fire (when we see that they are tender, remove them so they do not lose more nutrients).

Another way to avoid losing many nutrients, is to cut the fruit in large or medium portions, but never too small.

In reference to whether it is better to eat fruits with skin or without skin, the truth is that the skin is the part of the fruit that contains more fiber and nutrients. In fact, it is estimated that each fruit loses around 50% of the different nutrients it contains.

Of course, we must bear in mind that it is not the same to eat an apple or a pear with its skin than an orange (in this last case it is clear that the best thing is to peel it to be able to eat its segments).

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