How to eat asparagus to eliminate toxins

eat asparagus The asparagus They are foods originating mainly from the Mediterranean, which were already consumed in their time by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, although they were introduced into Spain by the Romans.

The best time to enjoy these permanent vegetables or vegetables are during the spring (specifically during the months of April and May), although it is also true that we can find them in supermarkets practically all year round.

From a nutritional point of view, in relation especially to the different benefits and nutritional properties that they bring, we must distinguish the three varieties that we can find in the market: white asparagus , green asparagus and the wild asparagus .

However, there is no doubt that regardless of the variety we consume, one of the most important benefits of asparagus is its virtue for eliminate toxins in a completely natural way, thanks to its depurative and diuretic action.

At the time of eat asparagus to eliminate toxins , it is clear that the form of preparation will allow to enjoy these main benefits:

  • Cooking in water : it is enough to wash the asparagus well and tie them vertically with the help of a thread or fiber for cooking. Put water to boil in a tall pot and add the asparagus fixing the tip or head of the asparagus are out of the water. The best cooking time? 10 minutes if they are thin asparagus, and 15 minutes if they are very thick.
  • Steam cooking : the cooking method is the same, with the difference that a pot with half of the water is used, and when the water boils, place the basket of steam up, covering it with the lid of the pan.
  • Grilled cooking : just use a little olive oil on the grill or grill and let the asparagus be done, but avoid burning.

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