How to cut serrano ham

cut-ham-serrano There is very little left for a more or less official start of one of the most important popular festivities and expected by many people after a year: the Christmas .

As you surely know, we always tend to offer healthy tips and tricks to enjoy a healthy life. In this same sense, precisely, we talked to you some time ago about how to live a healthy christmas .

There is no doubt that, in addition to the typical Christmas desserts , there is a food product that becomes one of the most acclaimed during these holidays: the Serrano ham .

It is a healthy food when not consumed in excess, which provides a lower number of calories than, for example, ham (although usually tends to think otherwise), and provides important vitamins and minerals.

But you know how to cut serrano ham ? This action has in fact become an art. Therefore, we present below some tips that you should take into account.

How to cut serrano ham?

First, for cut serrano ham you need to have a Ham knife well sharpened. This should have a length of about 40 centimeters, be narrow and flexible. And, as it could not be less, also have a ham holder to serve as support when cutting the ham and reserve it.

You should always keep as far away as possible and always place your hand behind the direction of the cut.

We explain below the steps to cut serrano ham :

1. Place the ham in the ham holder to first open the part of the hammer, obviously placing the leg up.

2. Cut the bacon laterally, since in this way you will facilitate the drying of the ham. You should save and keep a little for, once you have finished cutting it, put it on top of the cut parts.

3. Take a deep cut on the cane and start to extract slices from the mace (the thickest part of the piece). The advisable thing in this moment is to combine in each ration slices of the central part with some of the knuckle and the tip.

Four. You should always remember that the direction of the cut must be uniform, either downward or towards the hoof.

5. Once you reach the hip bone, make an incisive cut using the lace around the bone. In this way you will get that, from that area, the slices come out very clean.

6 The meat that is stuck to the bone should be cut into strips and always with irregular pieces in the shape of blocks.

7 Once you have finished with the mace, turn the ham over (with the hoof down), and perform the same operation with the countermass, until you have finally reached the bone.

Steps to cut a serrano ham in video

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