How to cook a good stuffed turkey

One of the classic Christmas recipes that suppose a menu, a meal or a dinner itself in many countries of the world is to cook a good dish of turkey, either stuffing (turkey stuffing) or sauce.

Not in vain, there are a lot of recipes for cooking turkey , and although it is a meal that certainly cooks a lot in the Christmas , in this special time of the year, but very little the rest, few people know some interesting secrets to be able to cook it as well as possible.


Do you want to know some tips that will help you make a delicious recipe for turkey for this Christmas ?

We summarize them below:

  • It is imperative, as you can imagine, to clean the turkey before preparing it, removing excess fat and feathers.
  • It is important to take into consideration that the different and different parts of the turkey are the same as those of the chicken, although with a larger size.
  • Precisely for being a large piece, to have a larger size, it must be cooked very slowly, otherwise the meat will be very burned on the outside but raw inside.
  • To avoid that the meat is dry inside, a wise choice is, in addition to spraying it with sauce on the outside, inject it inside. We also prevent the breast from drying by injecting an alcoholic beverage into it (cognac, for example, which will give it an exquisite flavor), or marinating the turkey in milk hours before it is cooked.

A tip to prepare stuffed turkey

If what we want, besides, is to cook a good stuffed turkey, we must take into account not to fill it up to the top, since during the cooking the filling can go out or even damage the meat.

Some benefits and properties of turkey

Among other issues, turkey is rich in B vitamins, proteins and folic acid, as well as minerals such as potassium, iron or magnesium, among others.

In addition, turkey meat has very little fat, and therefore much less calories, ideal to enjoy a Healthy and healthy Christmas and avoid the excesses at Christmas meals .

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