Types and varieties of autumnal mushrooms and how to pick them

Along with the arrival of autumn, a whole variety of foods and natural products from a special season like this also come to our hands.

They emphasize above all the chestnuts , the persimmons , the figs waves mushrooms . The latter become very healthy natural foods, rich in proteins of high biological value and minerals such as iron, phosphorus or potassium (also, without tremendously low sodium, which are ideal for people with high blood pressure) .

Main autumn mushrooms

In a previous article we talked about the properties of mushrooms , through a special note thanks to which we learned that they are excellent foods to stimulate both nervous activity and brain activity, and are ideal in slimming diets and diets against anemia.

Although we have also talked to you about how to catch mushrooms Y how to preserve mushrooms , it's always a good idea to dig a little more about them and discover the different varieties of autumnal mushrooms that we can find during this wonderful season.

Variety of autumn mushrooms

Here we show you some of the main ones autumn mushrooms , which stand out precisely because they are some of the most characteristic of this beautiful autumnal season.



It is one of the most known mushrooms or characteristics of autumn. In fact, it surprises with its excellent fruity perfume (which reminds a lot of peach or apricot) and its flavor is also excellent.

They are easy to distinguish, especially thanks to their special aroma.



It is a mushroom known in turn as cabrilla , susa or rossinyol . It is another variety known in this season. In fact, it stands out as one of the most abundant. It has a sweet flavor and a slightly fruity aroma.

Witch corrosion mushroom

(Also known as bed-sec , merasmio or nymph ).

It is a mushroom that is characterized by having a pleasant smell when we find it in the dried field. In addition, it is ideal for any dish because it has a very mild flavor.

Mushroom of Saint George

Mushroom of Saint George

(Known in turn as udabarriziza or moixernó ).

It is a mushroom with a more voluminous shape in terms of thickness than the mushroom witch. However, its flavor and aroma are just as pleasant. They can be ideal passed through butter or olive oil.

How to catch the autumn mushrooms?

He autumn is the characteristic season in which the mushrooms , some fungi (some edible and others that can be very toxic) that emerge from the earth and can surprise us as much for their aroma as for their flavor.

But at the time of catch mushrooms In the first place, it is essential to be a natural expert on which ones are edible and which are not, especially for a basic issue: many of them can be very harmful to health, especially the most toxic ones.

This is a fundamental requirement not to endanger our own health. Therefore, we must discover what mushrooms are edible , to be 100% sure and not take unnecessary risks.

In case of having this requirement, we need a small bag or basket to store the mushrooms as we find them.

Regarding the place where we can find them, it is common for them to appear in damp places, often covered by leaves.

The majority of them is habitual that, when taking them, they leave the earth without making the minimum effort.

However, remember that when preparing them it is essential to wash them well, to eliminate the remaining earth, cut their base and do them very well.

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