How to burn fat from the buttocks

The buttocks are a group of muscles that act on the hip and legs, being formed by: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Therefore, as with any muscle, these can be strengthened and toned with the help of certain specific exercises, especially designed to work these areas of the body.

It is usually - in fact - a part of the body whose condition tends to worry many people, especially women, so they try to tone, work well or even reduce the fat present in this area.

Therefore, in the case that for example you want burn fat from the buttocks , the simplest exercises -and useful- that help in this sense are: the exercises with elastic bands, weights, the ball, squats, hips and strides.

Some useful exercises

Exercises with the ball

It is useful to strengthen the gluteus, helping to improve not only its shape.

With this tool it is possible to improve the musculature of both the gluteus and the waist. You can buy it in specialized sports stores or use it in your usual gym.


It is one of the most complete exercises to stimulate the glutes and strengthen them.

It is enough to stand with your feet slightly apart, your arms relaxed and with a dumbbell in your hand. Looking at the forehead, slightly sink the back and strides forward, keeping the trunk as straight as possible. When we make the stride, the thigh that we have moved forward should stabilize in the horizontal.

Recommended exercises (video)

If on the contrary you prefer to see some videos to help you in the realization of the exercises, we advise you the following:

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