How to avoid open or dilated pores

Remedies for open pores

Do you have an excess of oil on your skin, mainly on your skin? It's easy to find out: just point your face at the mirror and see if the skin on your face is shiny. If so, it means that your skin is indeed excessively oily, which in turn can cause pores to dilate. And these are, fundamentally, the main âculpablesâ of the appearance of uncomfortable and anti-aesthetic brightness.

Although it is true that the presence of pores play a very important role, as they help the skin transpire, when our skin is oily can become dilated. As a result, they cause the skin to retain dead cells and other impurities, negatively affecting not only your health, but your own external appearance, as they can also cause the appearance of annoying and uncomfortable. acne when generated by the accumulation of sebaceous glands.

This shine, mainly due to the presence of open pores, usually appears especially in the so-called T zone of the face, between the nose, chin and chin. However, in extreme cases, it is common for the pores in the cheekbones to open.

Some useful remedies to close open pores

There are different natural remedies that are very easy to follow. Applying them on the skin of your face will help you in a positive way when it comes to closing open or dilated pores. Which are the most useful? Make a note:

  • Rub ice: The cold ice not only helps to reduce the size of the pores. It is also extremely useful for reducing the production of sebum -oil- in the skin. How to apply this remedy? It's very simple: just put a piece of ice, or a cube, in a cloth and wrap it, then place it on your skin and let it act for a few minutes.
  • Parsley tonic: Parsley is extremely rich in vitamin C, which helps pores close. To prepare this remedy you only have to put half a litre of water in a saucepan to the fire and bring to the boil. When you reach this point add a handful of parsley, and boil for 2 minutes. After this time turn off the fire, cover and let stand until it cools. To apply it you only have to soak a makeup disk or a cotton wool, and apply the tonic on the skin.
  • Lemon, oatmeal and egg mask: Lemon juice acts in the same way as parsley, thanks precisely to its high vitamin C content. In addition, the oatmeal provides softness. This remedy is ideal to apply at night, removing it completely before leaving home (since the lemon can stain the skin when in contact with the sun). To prepare it, just beat the egg white and add the freshly squeezed lemon juice; mix and add the oatmeal, mixing again until the paste is as homogeneous as possible. To apply it to yourself, just wash your face and apply the paste, making circular movements to exfoliate the skin. Finally, remove with lukewarm water.
  • Apple vinegar: It acts as a natural astringent, toning the skin and reducing open and large pores. To prepare the remedy you only have to mix in equal parts a little apple cider vinegar and water. Soak a cotton pad and apply it to the face, leaving it to rest for 10 minutes. Finally rinse with warm water.

How to close dilated pores

Other useful tips for enlarged pores

It is essential cleanse the skin every night making it a simple daily hygiene routine. In this sense, it is advisable to use products with salicylic acid, which helps to absorb excess fat from the skin, but which do not contain alcohol (to avoid irritating it and damaging it even more). Besides, we can't forget about maintain adequate hydration .

There is no doubt that exfoliation is of paramount importance, as it not only provides the ability to remove dead skin cells and other accumulated substances from the skin, but also helps to reduce open or enlarged pores easily. However, depending on whether your skin is sensitive or has acne, you should take some caution, as it will not be advisable to use any exfoliator.

For example, if your skin is very sensitive or you have acne, it is best to use a much softer alpha-hydroxy acid-containing scrub. In addition, as it does not contain granules or other compounds, it tends not to damage the skin when applied on the face.

In addition, the use of exfoliants with glycolic acid and retinol is recommended. On the one hand, glycolic acid is useful for softening the upper layer of the skin, helping to diminish open pores. Meanwhile, retinol helps to make cell production much more efficient.

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