How to avoid indigestion to do good digestion

A few weeks ago, just a few days after publishing the note Eat slowly and simply enjoy , we could know that a study had confirmed that eating fast triples the risk of overweight .

But if we add to this Eat excessively , not always eat - if possible - at the same hours or even the lack of activity related to sedentary lifestyle can cause, every time we eat all these issues affect our digestive system .

And, therefore, we end up not helping our stomach do both correct and well digestion .

If this is the case, there is pain or discomfort in the upper part of the abdomen, which in most cases tends to appear right after eating a lot.

But not only is it enough to keep in mind some tricks and tips to do good digestion , given that we must also take into account how we eat, how we do it, and what we eat.

In this sense, it is true that eating well, quietly and without haste will help us not only to avoid Eat excessively , but it is also useful so that what we eat feels good, and therefore the digestion is adequate.

Doing the digestion well

Tricks against indigestion

If our problem is that we do not do the digestion well, it is easy to follow a series of tricks or key tips that will help us with this problem:

  • Especially we should eat in small quantities at regular intervals, avoiding especially overeating in large quantities.
  • It is a wise and good choice to opt for vegetables, fruits, cereals, milk and even skimmed products.
  • If we eat foods rich in fiber we will ensure an optimal state of health of our digestive system.
  • We can substitute, for example, meat for soy foods (for example, the soy milk is really good), which have to provide high quality biological proteins that, finally, are metabolized much better in the body.
  • In addition, we must avoid fats, legumes, vegetables and whole milk products.

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