How to act when a wound or cut occurs

wound-cut It is quite normal that, every day, many people get hurt or cut. It is something common and practically difficult to avoid, especially at work, in school or institute, and even in our own home.

As a general rule, it is equally common that many of these injuries or cuts do not require any kind of medical attention, ending up being treated in our home.

But that does not mean we have to know how to act when a wound or cut occurs , since not doing it well at all, and in the right way, can cause the appearance of infections, or prevent even the injury heals well. For this, do not forget that it is essential to have a complete first aid kit .

How to act when a wound or cut occurs: steps to follow

At the moment in which a wound Or any cut , we must follow the following steps:

1. Thoroughly wash the material you are going to use, and especially your hands.

2. In case there is hemorrhage, stop it. To do this, pressure should be applied with a clean gauze, dry or moistened with a little hydrogen peroxide.

3. However, if the bleeding is more abundant, the area should be kept high, repeat the previous step. In case the bleeding does not stop, it is advisable to go to the doctor.

Four. Remove the excess skin with the help of tweezers, trying not to pull.

5. Clean the wound or cut with water and neutral soap, with the help of a sterile gauze. Of course, always from the inside out.

6 If necessary, you can use sterile gauze fixed with tape to cover the wound.

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