How many hours should we sleep?

How many hours should we sleep?

Why can not we sleep if it's natural? Caffeine, sleep phases, possible infusions, nightmares, sleep alone, use technology before sleep ... Maybe it's time to put limits on technology and find a place to relax and be able to sleep. Besides believing that to be able to continue with our work and routines we have to reduce the hours of sleep.

You know that an adult between the ages of 26 and 64 should sleep between seven and nine hours as a table made by the National Sleep Foundation of the USA. What happens if we stop eating? That then we will realize that we have a problem but, what if we stop sleeping ?.

We ignore that this may also be a problem for our brain. The sleep phase is a period of hyperactivity contrary to what is believed or thought, it is the moment, in which, the toxins that have accumulated in the brain during the day they are cleaned.

What happens if we break the two functions of the brain? That we will feel fresh and clean enough. The brain fulfills two functions: keep awake and clean those toxins during sleep that we have accumulated throughout the day.

You will probably have noticed that when you have been sleeping for less than eight hours advised, you tend to suffer from a state of fatigue and susceptibility, which you probably do not care about.

The importance of sleeping, and besides doing it well

Surely you will know that sleep , and above all sleep well , is fundamental to rest and enjoy good health, as this is the best way to allow our own body to rest and, therefore, recover the energy lost throughout the day.

Precisely for this reason, more and more experts are concerned in the defense of sleep to be able to maintain a healthy life, because if we do not rest what our body needs, we can not perform adequately in the following hours.

But, how many hours should we sleep? How many would be adequate and, above all, the necessary ?.

How much do you have to sleep?

Generally, and as you well know, as we get older we tend to need fewer hours to sleep.

For this reason, babies sleep approximately 17 hours a day, which are reduced gradually, since at 18 months the child sleeps about 14 hours.

However, at 4 years the child tends to sleep 12 hours, and after 10 years the hours of sleep go down to 10 hours.

But as adults, most of them need between 7 and 8 hours, which nevertheless continue to shrink as we continue to age.

In spite of everything indicated, a total number of hours of sleep can not be established, since there are people who need a certain number of hours, and others something more.

Therefore, a person who sleeps between 6 and 7 hours can feel somewhat more rested than one who sleeps 10 hours, since it implies that you have woken up in the middle of a sleep cycle.

Why should we take less caffeine?

Consumed in a controlled manner, the truth is that the caffeine It produces positive effects such as improving attention by also facilitating the biochemical process that takes place in the brain during the action of memory formation.

If consumed in an uncontrolled and unconscious way, it can increase blood pressure, cause more urine to be produced (and also cause dehydration) and increase cardiopulmonary activity. In addition, it is also a direct cause of high excitement, anxiety, tremor and insomnia.

Therefore, the most advisable is always try not to exceed 200 mg. of caffeine a day , although for sure it is known that the maximum dose that our body can manage to tolerate the amount of caffeine - without causing any kind of problem - is 500 mg.

Insomnia and caffeine

Some quick remedies useful for falling asleep

At present we all probably look at our mobile phone or tablet before going to sleep, removing them from the space in which we sleep can be a good first remedy will help us to better conciliate sleep.

Give us a warm bath before going to bed can also be a good remedy because it helps us relax and if at that time we add some music that is relaxing and candles with aromatic smell we will feel in glory.

It is advisable to follow a ritual before planting ourselves in bed to sleep without further ado. What will this help us with? To disconnect from the day we may have had.

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