How many hairs fall per day and how to avoid it

We are probably faced with one of the aesthetic problems that tends to worry most men. In fact, statistics tell us that more than half of men lose hair prematurely, which is why it is one of the aspects that most stresses them because it is directly related to the image. This hair loss is known by the name of alopecia , and basically consists of the rapid and intense hair loss . Generally this fall begins on the crown and on the sides of the head, producing what we popularly know as inputs. And its causes? Basically It is produced by the progressive weakening of the hair .

In the case of men, in most cases the cause is hormonal or hereditary. However, as also many doctors and health experts say, the habits and lifestyle that we continue to influence hair loss equally , since they hinder the correct and adequate circulation of the blood from the root towards the hair, favoring therefore its fall. In addition, stress is not considered as a cause in itself although wrongly it can be thought otherwise, but actually tends to accelerate the process.

How many hairs fall per day

For all this, always the most appropriate when it comes to avoiding hair loss -Especially when their cause is not related to inheritance or hormones- is to follow a healthy lifestyle , maintaining a balanced, varied and healthy diet. In this sense, diet is precisely fundamental, since the lack of proteins and certain vitamins is one of the main causes of hair loss and deterioration .

But we should not be alarmed, since in reality hair loss, within parameters that we might consider "normal", is not serious or unusual. Moreover, it is a total and absolutely normal process. In fact, did you know that every day we tend to lose between 60 and 120 hairs ? Even though we do not suffer from a problem of alopecia, given that its fall is inevitable as part of its natural process .

However, this fall of hair also not only increases when we follow certain negative or harmful habits, but also for the season of the year in which we find ourselves, since increases especially in spring and autumn .

What habits influence hair loss?

As we commented, although the causes that cause hair loss in most cases is related especially to hormonal or hereditary factors, also the lifestyle that we continue to influence indirectly.


For example, consume coffee, alcohol and tobacco They are three of the most common and habitual habits. It also influences the monitoring an unhealthy diet , based especially on the excessive consumption of foods with a high content of sugars and saturated fats, and opting for fried foods as the main form of cooking (that is, eating a lot of fried foods).

He too inadequate use of hair dryers, irons and hot tongs , especially when the heat is concentrated exclusively in certain parts of the head.

How to avoid falling hair daily?

Following a healthy, varied and balanced diet

If we follow a varied diet we contribute to our organism all the essential nutrients that it needs so much for its correct functioning, and it also helps us not only when it comes to enjoying good internal health, but also externally, which means that we will have a skin more hydrated, radiant and soft, and hair much stronger, with greater shine.

Therefore, it is essential to look at certain essential nutrients, as for example is the case of: proteins (essential for the formation of keratin), Group B vitamins (helps regenerate cells belonging to the hair follicle), sulfur (very important in the synthesis of keratin), iron (essential for the correct oxygenation of the hair) and zinc (participates in the synthesis of keratin).

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

In addition to food is essential follow a lifestyle as healthy as possible . For this, it is very important to avoid alcohol, tobacco and reduce coffee consumption (healthy in small quantities, and without overdoing it).


It is also very important to practice physical exercise every day, on a regular basis for at least 40 minutes each time, which is useful to improve our health and our weight, and also helps us reduce stress, which as we mentioned tends to accelerate the process of hair loss.

Caring for your hair every day

When it comes to washing your hair, it's important choose a good shampoo , being even more important the fact of using a type of suitable shampoo according to your hair type, in this way you will avoid damaging it. If so, remember that hair can be washed every day.

At the time of drying it is also advisable use a towel or let it dry spontaneously . Although sometimes the hair dryers may be necessary they are not really very suitable, because if they are used at high temperature and the heat is concentrated at a certain point, it will cause a condition known by the name of 'Hair in bubble' , which will lead to the hair eventually breaking. The same goes for hair straighteners.


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