How many cups of tea can you drink per day?

We know everything that surrounds to the world of tea , a very interesting natural drink from a nutritional and healthy point of view (being very rich in antioxidants). Not in vain, we know the properties Y Benefits most important White tea , he Green Tea and the black tea

tea cups

However, today we are going to deal with an extremely interesting question to consider, and that for many weeks now many readers have been asking us.

How many cups of tea should you drink or can you drink a day?

Both experts in nutrition and tea specialists advise that the most appropriate and convenient is take between one or two cups of tea a day , consuming about 2.5 grams of tea for each drink (a sachet or a teaspoon of dried leaves).

It should be noted that the different components of tea can affect both hypertensive as pregnant women, and those people who have sleeping problems .

For this reason it is necessary to consult our doctor when we want to drink more tea, especially if we are taking any medication or if we suffer from any illness.

When is the best time of day to drink tea?

While any time of the day can be very good, or be appetizing for tea, it is more advisable to take it both at breakfast and after meals.

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