How long should I breastfeed the baby?

How long to breastfeed


Did you know that a woman has the ability to breastfeed her child as long as necessary and essential? Thus, whenever milk is removed from the breasts, a greater amount of milk will be produced. What's more, menopause is not an obstacle. On the contrary, in reality there is a tendency to produce milk from puberty until the moment of death.

However, despite the fact that there is no physical limit to the age of the breastfed child, it is common for many mothers, especially first-time mothers, to wonder how long they should breastfeed their child. Obviously, it is not the same as wondering how long it is possible to breastfeed, since the reality is that, during a certain time, breast milk should become the only baby's food .

The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that breastfeeding is the ideal way to provide infants and young children with all the nutrients they need for adequate growth and development as well as healthy ones. So, as we can see in the official WHO page on breastfeeding, you can read that "the WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding for six months".

In this way, only then should age-appropriate and safe foods be introduced, as is the case, for example, with the first solid foods in the form of fruit compotes and cereal porridge. In addition, he advises the "maintenance of breastfeeding until 2 years or more".

How long should breastfeeding last?

On the other hand, the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEPED) through its Breastfeeding Committee , it is clear in this sense. They recommend "exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of the child's life and continue breastfeeding along with adequate complementary foods until two years of age or older."

Taking into account the main medical recommendations of both the World Health Organization and the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, It is essential to breastfeed the baby during the first six months of the baby's life , As minimum, and continue as long as possible (or, until you want both the mother and the baby itself).

Remember this maxim: however short, any period during which breastfeeding is maintained will be better for the health and development of your baby than having opted from the first moment for artificial milk, especially during the first weeks of life of the baby. newborn.

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