Hot flashes in menopause (hot flashes): what they are, causes and how to prevent them

With the arrival of menopause , a series of symptoms usually appear in the woman and totally typical and normal disorders within this new stage of life.

For this reason, it is advisable from the start to follow a series of guidelines and healthy lifestyle habits that help women to avoid - or reduce - the majority of these disorders.

In this stage of life (as it can happen in specific situations during pregnancy or after delivery), it is usually very common for the so-called hot flushes , consisting of the appearance of a sudden sensation of heat, causing sweating and redness.

It is very common that this suffocation appear first in the chest, then spread to the neck and face.

Female hot flushes and menopause

What are hot flashes? And why do they appear during menopause?

The hot flushes They are characterized mainly by the appearance of a sudden sensation of heat, which causes sweating and redness.

In general it tends to appear first in the chest, to then extend to the neck and finally reach the face.

It usually appears almost at the beginning of the menopause , and although it does not require a specific treatment, when the suffocation It is severe - or interferes with the quality of life of women - if it is necessary to follow a certain treatment.

In this sense, it is always better to consult with your doctor, especially when every two to three you feel hot flashes in menopause There can not be a specific cause, or if it has a negative impact on your day-to-day life.

Hot flashes symptoms. How are the hot flashes?

It is usual that the suffocation occurs without the woman waiting for it. Generally, it is usually characterized by the appearance of a sudden sensation of heat, which appears above all in the chest to later spread to the neck and face.

Also, sweating and redness of these parts of the body may appear.

Symptoms of menopause suffocation

Do you know that there are different types of hot flushes or hot flashes?

Depending mainly on the duration of the suffocation , there are different types which can be classified as follows in the following table:

  • Mild hot flushes : Are those whose duration tends not to exceed two minutes. In turn, they do not appear more than seven times a day.
  • Moderate hot flushes : Although they usually do not last beyond two minutes, it is more common to repeat them more than seven times a day.
  • Severe hot flushes : Are those that, in addition to last more than two minutes, are repeated more than seven times a day.

Tricks to prevent them

At the time of prevent female hot flashes , it is essential to follow the following basic tips or guidelines:

  • Maintaining a good hydration will help you to refresh your entire body.
  • Try to avoid, as much as possible, the crowded places, especially those that have many people.
  • It is vital that you avoid sudden changes in temperature.
  • Always dress with fresh and loose clothing.
  • Practice physical exercise in a prolonged but regular way, if possible every day.

In addition, the evening primrose oil It becomes an excellent natural remedy, really useful not only to regulate menstruation in a natural way, but to alleviate the associated pains and discomforts both during the period of the period and during the menopause itself.

However, in case the prevention of female hot flashes not possible and finally appear, you can always apply a little cold water on the face and chest. Also, taking a little cold water slowly will be equally helpful.

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