Horse meat: benefits and properties

horse meat benefits After the appearance of the report the quality of supermarket burgers according to the OCU , in which -as you know- the presence of traces of horse meat was observed in some of the products analyzed, as we have been checking for some weeks now, there seems to be a certain social psychosis .

Something normal after it has been discovered that certain brands of meat and packaged products have had to remove them from the market after selling products supposedly with beef, when in fact they contained horse meat, this circumstance not being identified in their labeling.

The psychosis has been such that it even seems that it has come to demonize one's own horse meat , when the reality is that we are faced with a completely healthy and healthy type of meat from a nutritional point of view, provided that - yes - the measures and steps of hygiene and adequate food safety are followed.

What is horse meat?

Horse meat is one that is obtained from the animal is 2 years old. Therefore, we must differentiate it from the foal meat, which is that obtained from the animal before reaching this age.

Benefits of horse meat

Although very consumed by some people, the truth is that before the controversy arose in the United Kingdom, and later in Spain, horse meat was not in a certain sense as known or popular as other meats (as is the case of beef or pork). We are, therefore, in the great unknown in our country.

Regarding other meats, the reality is that the meat of equidae can be constituted in a quality meat from a nutritional point of view, thanks to its lower content of fat, high content of quality proteins, and greater presence in glycogen.

It stands out for its richness in minerals (zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and copper), among which we also find iron, hence horse meat is interesting in case of anemia, for its antianemic effect.

Another of the particularities of this meat is its richness in omega 3 fatty acids, healthy fats that in fact are not usual in other meats more consumed.

Like chicken meat, horse meat is easily digested, thanks to its high content of group B vitamins.

It is a meat especially recommended and suitable for athletes, children, elderly people and with anemia.

Nutritional information of horse meat


107 kcal


20.5 g




2.7 g


0 g


60 mg



Vitamin A

21 μg


335 mg

Vitamin B1

0.04 mg


13 mg

Vitamin B2

0.27 mg


185 mg

Vitamin B3

0.1 mg


23 mg

Vitamin B6

0.27 mg


4.5 mg

Vitamin E

0.1 mg


44 mg

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