Home remedies for flea bites

flea bites With the arrival of summer the appearance of insects such as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and fleas if you live with animals is more likely, because the heat causes them to appear and be more annoying than at any other time of the year.

We have to be especially careful with those insects that do produce stings since their function is to suck the blood of any living being.

Mosquito bites are very frequent in summer and especially in children, but flea bites are less common but even more annoying.

When we live with animals however clean they want to keep, it is likely that when they go out to the street, as in the case of dogs, they pick up the occasional flea from another dog or from any terrain where they usually do their necessities.

Home remedies for stings

There is no doubt that the annoyance caused by a flea bite is unbearable, but children suffer the most from this consequence.

To try to alleviate the bites since it is impossible to avoid the bite itself, we will mention some home remedies that can help you in these cases:

  • At the beginning you have to clean the area with cold water and soap.
  • Try washing clothes with hot water in case there is a possibility that the flea is on clothes.
  • For the skin you can administer a solution with water and vinegar . Mixing two equal parts of each thing you will make a mixture that you will leave in the fridge and apply with a gauze in the area where the welt is.
  • There are also mixtures made with honey and lemon , apply it with a sterile gauze on the sting.
  • You can apply a plasta of baking soda gave on the bite to relieve swelling.
  • He aloe vera It can also help relieve the swelling and itching sensation.

You can also opt for medical treatments such as creams exclusively dedicated to insect bites that will be prescribed by the doctor.

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