Herbs and spices: all its benefits

Recently a curious article published the magazine has come to light Journal of Medicinal Food , In which, after researching 24 herbs and spices, it was recorded - as was previously known - that help prevent tissue damage and inflammation caused by high blood glucose.


The study was conducted by scientists from the University of Georgia , In the United States, who analyzed a total of 24 herbs and spices Bought at a local supermarket.

They concluded that they have a high concentration of phenols rich in antioxidants, being able to prevent the formation of some harmful compounds that are the result of aging and diabetes.

Specifically, phenols constitute 30% and 18% of the dry weight of species such as cloves and cinnamon, respectively, while fruits such as blueberry or blueberry represent barely 5%.

Precisely for the results achieved, it is recommended to have a good assortment of seasonal herbs and spices, in order to double or triple the medicinal value of the daily food.

Without increasing, of course, the caloric content, since these have hardly any calories.

Properties and benefits of herbs and spices

  • High concentration of phenols rich in antioxidants.
  • They prevent the formation of harmful compounds resulting from aging.
  • They do not have just calories.
  • They help to purify our organism.
  • Useful for eliminating toxins.

Via | Medical News Today
More information | Journal of Medicinal Food

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