Heat stroke: what it is and symptoms

insolation With the arrival of summer it is common that the hottest days of the year also begin. And, with the arrival of the hottest days, usually appears a disorder more common than you think: the so-called insolation , that in summary accounts (question that we will develop in a more extended way throughout this note), appears when our organism gets too hot and is not able to self-cool, maintaining a low temperature.

Although medically it is known by the name of hyperthermia , the most common is that many people really identify it with the name of insolation .

What is sunstroke?

It is known by insolation to the increase in temperature above the normal hypothalamic value produced mainly by a failure of our body's heat evacuation systems .

In other words, it appears especially when our body is not able to self-cool while remaining at a low temperature, because it has become too hot, fruit in particular of the existence of a very high outside temperature.

Hence, it is a disorder that usually occurs and appears in the summer months.

Symptoms of insolation

Before going on to relate the Main symptoms of heat stroke , it is necessary to know that their first symptoms correspond rather with the one known as heatstroke :

  • Excessive sweating
  • Tachycardia.
  • The skin is very hot.
  • Dizziness and nausea with the possibility of vomiting.
  • Muscular weakness.

If these symptoms start to appear, the most advisable thing is Put yourself quickly in the shade and drink lots of water . But if the symptoms have not stopped, that heat stroke can lead to sunstroke, which you will identify with the following symptoms:

  • The skin has stopped sweating, but it is very hot and dry.
  • Sensation of mental confusion
  • Problems breathing normally.
  • Frequent vomiting
  • A loss of consciousness can occur.

Given that at this moment the person suffering from heatstroke can not be fully conscious, it is advisable that the people who accompany them call the doctor quickly.

How to prevent sunstroke?

Considering that it is possible prevent sunstroke , it is obvious that a series of basic tips must be followed that help precisely in their prevention before it is already too late.

The key is in Avoid excessive sun exposure (especially on days when there is more humidity and heat), do not perform physical activities in the sun that involve a lot of effort , use a hat or umbrella , in addition to drink a lot of water .

What to do before an insolation?

Taking into account that the main objective is lower body temperature of the person who is suffering from heatstroke, it is advisable to follow the following basic tips:

  • Take the person quickly to the shade.
  • Remove it from unnecessary clothing.
  • Abanícala with cold air.
  • Wet your skin with cold water.

Now that summer is approaching it is a very good idea to keep well in mind what is a sunstroke , what are its symptoms and how to act before it.

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