Healthy tips to enjoy a healthy Christmas

The Christmas It is synonymous with joy, hope, celebration. And, in it, the gastronomic pleasures (with its wide variety of Christmas recipes ) play a fundamental role in this special time of the year.

But sometimes, especially when we eat excessively, the dinners derive in indigestion that, to a certain extent, do not "allow" us to enjoy dinners as we really could.

However there are a number of healthy tips that will help us enjoy these holidays without fear that, after a dinner, we have heavy digestions or we feel bad food, spend a bad night or not gain weight.

To save both time and money, it is a highly recommended idea to plan our menus in advance, always keeping in mind, just before buying, how many guests will attend our meals and how much food we will need in the preparation.

Our body is used to a daily routine in terms of sitting at the table to eat at a certain time, so it is important to punctuality at lunch or dinner during these holidays. In this way we will prevent our organism from being altered.

In addition, an even better choice is to maintain a regular meal schedule, an issue that will prevent us from feeling more hungry than usual at later meals and, therefore, take more calories by eating more.

Healthy and healthy Christmas: how?

As we saw at some other time in a previous note, if we want that what we eat does not feel bad, it is of vital importance eat calm, relaxed, enjoying each dish and, above all, not exceeding the number of rations. The recommendation in this case would be: eat and enjoy everything, of course, but in moderation.

Christmas healthy

In the Christmas dinners It is customary to find wine at the table to drink. While it is even advisable to take, for example, a glass of wine, the ideal is to change it for a good glass of water or natural juice made at home. In this way we avoid adding to the food the high caloric content of alcoholic beverages.

Who can avoid eating turrones and those typical Christmas sweets so delicious? For some people it is even fundamental in these holidays, because otherwise, Christmas simply would not be the same.

Our recommendation is that you can always enjoy a good nougat or a good typical sweet, but, as with the meals themselves, in moderation.

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