Healthy Christmas recipes: scrambled

Just a few minutes ago we dealt with the soups as starters and how, in short, some succulents Christmas recipes . However, this time we are going to take care of similarly healthy recipes that will allow us to enjoy a Christmas healthy : the scrambled .


If you read us for a few weeks (thank you for your trust, by the way), surely you have known some of our healthy tips for cooking a good turkey , or even some tricks to cook a succulent roscón de reyes .

However, on this occasion, and as we did previously with the Christmas soups , then we propose some dishes to be prepared for the Dinner waves Christmas meals .

Consist, as you may have already noticed, in delicious scrambled that combine very well as a first course. We hope you enjoy them:

Swiss chard scrambled

At first we will have to wash the chard , rolling several sheets together and cutting them into thin strips (if convenient, with a very sharp knife).

Chop two cloves of garlic and onions, and cook over low heat in equal parts of both butter and oil, along with chard in a casserole dish.

When the Swiss chard has finally softened, add a handful of finely chopped parsley with three or two cloves of garlic, and at this point we will have to then toss a dozen eggs beaten with a little sugar.

It will be cooked on a low heat, stirring everything carefully so that, obviously, it does not stick, until at the end it acquires a certain consistency.

Scrambled eggs with spinach

This scrambled is as simple as the previous one, with the difference that it will be a Scrambled eggs with spinach .

As we did with the Christmas recipe Before, we should wash the spinach, rolling them, putting them together and finally cutting them into thin strips.

This time we chop the onions and two cloves of garlic, putting everything to simmer in equal parts of oil and butter.

When the spinach has softened, add three or two cloves of garlic together a handful of parsley, and then toss the dozen eggs beaten with a little sugar.

We will cook everything over low heat and shaking it little by little and carefully so that it does not stick.

Christmas healthy in Natursan

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