Healthy and healthy food

healthy food We know that following a healthy food , based mainly on a balanced diet rich especially in healthy food , it is essential when, for example, we want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle by taking care of our health every day.

And it is that nature itself provides us with a great variety of nutritious foods one hundred percent beneficial for our organism, that help us to cover our daily needs of vitamins and minerals.

However, every day we hear that both overweight and obesity are growing alarmingly in recent years, while it is known that the increase in consumption of fast food or garbage is increasing.

Adopt a healthy nutrition , as for example the one that defends the one named as Mediterranean diet , is one of the healthiest options that exist.

To try to help you a little more in always choosing the healthiest foods , we propose a compilation of some of the healthier food . That they do not lack in your diet.

Healthy and healthy foods

  • Apple
    It is a fruit protects the heart, prevents colds, prevents diarrhea and improves lung capacity.
  • Apricot
    It helps prevent the onset of cancer, takes care of vision, slows the aging process and controls blood pressure.
  • Artichoke
    It is an ideal food for digestion, because it helps in the digestive process and in the digestion of fats. In addition, it protects the heart, helps purify the liver and reduces high cholesterol levels.
  • Avocado
    It helps fight diabetes, provides essential fatty acids, and also controls blood pressure.
  • Banana
    Provides potassium, useful not only to rest well, but to control blood pressure. Stops diarrhea, calms cough and protects the heart.
  • Green peas
    Prevents colds, reduces high cholesterol levels, helps prevent cancer, stabilizes blood sugar and helps against hemorrhoids.
  • Beet
    It controls blood pressure, helps fight cancer, protects the heart and helps lose weight.
  • Blackberries
    Protects the heart, fights cancer thanks to its high antioxidant content, stabilizes blood sugar and also tones the memory.
  • Broccoli
    It helps to take care of the vision, fights the cancer, protects the heart, controls the blood pressure and strengthens the bones.
  • Cabbage
    It helps fight cancer, prevents colds, protects the heart and helps in weight loss.
  • Cantaloupe
    It takes care of the vision, it controls the sanguineous pressure, it increases the defenses and it reduces the high cholesterol.
  • Carrot
    Protects the heart, cares for vision, fights cancer, prevents colds and helps in weight loss.
  • Cauliflower
    It protects against prostate cancer, fights breast cancer, strengthens bones and protects against heart disease.
  • Cherries
    They help protect the heart, slow the aging process and fight cancer.
  • Chestnuts
    A characteristic food of autumn, helps to combat autumnal asthenia. It reduces cholesterol, fights cancer and controls blood pressure.
  • Figs
    Another autumn food, useful to prevent autumnal depression. Reduce cholesterol levels and fight cancer.
  • Fish
    It is a healthy food, boosts memory and protects the heart. In addition, it fights cancer and helps increase defenses.
  • Garlic
    It helps reduce cholesterol, kills bacteria and controls blood pressure. Also, fight cancer.
  • Grapefruit
    It helps protect against heart attacks, promotes weight loss and reduces cholesterol levels.
  • grapes
    They take care of vision, fight cancer, protect the heart and help fight kidney stones.
  • Tea
    Both green tea and white tea help fight cancer because of its high polyphenol content, protect the heart and promote weight loss.
  • Honey
    Helps to heal wounds, useful in digestion and increases energy naturally.
  • Lemons
    High content of vitamin C, helping to protect against cancer. In addition, it controls blood pressure, stops scurvy and protects the heart.
  • Mango
    It helps boost memory, fights cancer, improves digestion and regulates the thyroid.
  • Mushrooms
    It controls blood pressure, eliminates bacteria, strengthens bones and reduces high cholesterol levels.
  • Oats
    It provides energy and satiety, helping to calm the appetite. It fights cancer, diabetes and helps reduce cholesterol.
  • Olive oil
    It is one of the most characteristic products of the Mediterranean diet. It protects the heart and prevents cardiovascular diseases, fights diabetes and cancer.
  • Orange
    High content of vitamin C, helping to boost the immune system. It protects the heart and fights cancer.
  • Peach
    Prevents the onset of influenza, helps in the digestion process and useful against hemorrhoids.
  • Pineapple
    It helps in the digestion process, also stops diarrhea, relieves colds and strengthens bones.
  • Plums
    It delays the aging process, prevents flu-like processes and enhances memory.
  • Rice
    It is one of the most consumed cereals. Combat diabetes, protect the heart and fight kidney stones.
  • Strawberries
    They protect the heart, fight cancer, help to calm stress and boost memory.
  • Sweet potato
    They help to take care of the vision, lift the mood and strengthen the bones.
  • Tomato
    Thanks to its lycopene content, they help to take care of the prostate and to protect it from prostate cancer. They reduce cholesterol and also protect the heart.
  • Nuts
    They fight cancer, reduce cholesterol and protect against heart-healthy diseases. In addition, they enhance and improve memory.
  • Wheat bran
    They help prevent constipation, improve digestion, fight colon cancer and reduce cholesterol.

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