Healthy and healthy breakfasts

Benefits of healthy breakfast A good breakfast is essential and essential to start the day well . It is a good habit, which also requires very little time. However, their nutritional virtues are very important.

It is common to hear that not many people tend to have breakfast every day. You may even simply have a coffee or a small coffee with milk. But the reality is that after 10 hours of fasting, our body needs nutrients and energy, which allows us to carry out our daily activities without lack of energy, we feel tired or fatigued.

Breakfast is always the best way to cover our daily nutritional needs , since with breakfast we start the day with food in our stomach, and finally there is a balance of energy and nutrients that is balanced throughout the day with the rest of the meals (small lunch, lunch, snack and dinner).

Benefits of a healthy and healthy breakfast

  • Increase physical performance .
  • It increases the ability to concentrate .
  • Increase memory .
  • Improves the correct balance of energy and nutrients that our body needs throughout the day .

In addition, it is common to think that not having breakfast you get thin and lose weight. However, did you know that almost the opposite occurs? Breakfast helps keep the weight , what in slimming diets is useful to lose weight if you then control the calories consumed throughout the day.

How a healthy breakfast should be

A healthy breakfast It must contain the following food groups:

  • Dairy products : like milk, yogurt or cheese. They provide proteins and vitamins A, D and B2, in addition to minerals such as calcium or phosphorus.
  • Farinaceous : as bread or breakfast cereals, being foods rich in carbohydrates that our body transforms into glucose.
  • Fruits : They can be whole fruits or also in juices. They are ideal when you enrich your breakfast with essential nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals and a high fiber content).

It is also possible to add some other food not collected in the previous section. For example, nuts, margarine, honey or marmalade can be accommodated.

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