Health in October, November and December

Has begun the autumn , after the heat of the summer made an appearance during the hottest months of the year: June, July, August and the middle of September.


It is a moment of transition; a time in which the heat gives way to the cold, but not in a hasty way, but rather it slides little by little as the first days of the autumn , until officially begins the winter .

Being a much colder time, our health tends to suffer, especially during the days when we began to go from a hot period to a much more humid one. In addition, we must not forget the change of time whose decrease in sunlight so much tends to affect many people.

October: a month in which the cold begins

He month of October is characterized as the time when the autumn has begun (a station that, by the way, usually starts between September 22 and 23 each year).

It is a time when it begins to make a lot colder, so that our body must adapt every day to the transition from a hot season to a wetter, with the arrival of bad weather.

It is also the month in which the time change occurs, specifically on October 30th. Moment in which when it will be 3 o'clock in the morning will be 2 o'clock, going to what has been called Winter time . In this way, we will have one hour less sunlight and the days will become shorter, which affects our hormones, causing the appearance of the well-known autumn depression.

Health tips for the month of October : You can start enjoying the autumn foods, which have the advantage of providing all the nutrients we need at this time.

The figs They are ideal because they provide B vitamins that help you maintain your spirits and energy. You may also need to take vitamin supplements, or natural supplements such as Royal jelly or the propolis for increase defenses (We recommend asking your doctor before taking vitamin and mineral supplements).

Open your clothes properly and to avoid flus or colds, you tend to wash your hands very often.

It is an ideal time to practice outdoor physical exercise, which will allow you to enjoy even more the beauty of a season as curious as autumn.

November: bad weather arrives

If the month of October is characterized by the settlement of autumn, the month of November It is considered a month of transition between the arrival of bad weather and the coldest season of the year: winter, which occurs in mid-December.

It is common that the days become more rainy and cold, which is why our defenses can become weak and our health to resent. It is also common for many people to start catching flu and colds.

Health tips for the month of November : It is possible that our body has become accustomed to the change of time and the decrease in sunlight. However, surely you still need a little external natural help to encourage you.

The figs or persimmons can be of great help in this time, like the delicious ones chestnuts , that give you the energy you need so much on cold days.

It is a good month to take advantage of the benefits of many infusions to prevent colds and flu, or simply to warm up while enjoying a moment of tranquility.

Continue practicing outdoor physical exercise. It will feel great.

December: the month when winter starts

If in the month of November it was cold, in the month of December it tends to settle in a much more pronounced and remarkable way. In fact, December is characterized as the time when the winter (station that usually begins between the days 21 to 22 of December).

It is also a month in which the arrival of one of the parties most expected by many occurs: Christmas; a few days to share with the people we love most.

Health tips for the month of December : Natural supplements can be useful to strengthen your immune system and thereby increase your defenses. Royal jelly supplements, for example, can be useful. However, you can ask your doctor if it is convenient to take vitamin supplements, especially if you started taking them in October following his medical advice.

It is a time to wrap up and take even more precautions: try to wash your hands more often and avoid contact with your mouth, nose or eyes when you are on the street and have touched other people or things; It will help you prevent colds and flu.

It is also common that, with the arrival of Christmas, you gain weight. Avoid eating without excess and practicing physical exercise.

Despite the cold, you should wrap up well to keep practicing your favorite sport. It will be useful to live healthier and not gain those extra kilos own this holiday season.

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