Health in a change of season

health-change-station Within just a few hours the so-called change of winter time , that somehow would come to give way to one of the coldest seasons of the year: winter .

And it is that as we have already exposed you on several occasions, when there is a change of season , but more especially with the change of winter time, as the hours of light decrease, our defenses tend to diminish and our mood changes.

Among the main causes, we find that this decrease in sunlight (due to the fact that one hour is delayed) causes a hormonal change that affects our nervous system and our defenses.

For this reason, a good idea is to know how to maintain health in a change of season , that helps us to improve the mood and not to faint during the first days after the change of time.

How to maintain health in a change of season

Since the change of season causes a certain destabilization in our hormones, this can affect our defenses. For this reason, it is common for us to get sick more often or, simply, to catch the occasional flu (some of the autumn diseases more features of this station).

In this sense, it is best to know in what way we can increase defenses , since these are somewhat weakened when a change of season occurs.

We must also give special emphasis to our state of mind, since it is another of the elements that tend to affect people, especially after the change of time and the decrease in sunlight in the first days.

The most appropriate is to follow a healthy and healthy diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, and practice outdoor physical exercise.

It is also a good idea to know which medicinal plants or home remedies can be useful in this regard.

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