Health and beauty: peeling to clean the skin in depth

Keep the skin clean is, fundamentally, one of the first gestures of Health and of beauty , since what we show abroad will be a faithful reflection of how we feel and are inside.


However, between one of the most effective beauty and hygiene gestures we find the peeling wave exfoliation , since with this simple and simple action we get to remove the dead cells that are in our skin, and this will appear much more luminous and clear.

He peeling it can be done by simply using a natural sponge with the cleaning product, this practice being one of the most recommended for normal, fine or dry skin.

But for thicker skins with a certain fat tendency the best thing is an exfoliation with something more "strong" products: masks based on propolis , white clay or oats.

Virtues and benefits of peeling

Between the most important peeling properties and the exfoliation itself, we find that thanks to its different softening, purifying and cleansing properties, we help maintain the natural protection of our skin.

That, of course, without counting the cleanliness and exfoliation we do on our own skin.

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