Headaches in summer

Headache in summer He summer It is mainly characterized by being one of the most anticipated seasons or times of the year, especially because it is a time when many people enjoy the long awaited and longed for summer holidays.

As many studies show, all people need a time to rest and recover from the day-to-day efforts. And although it is usual for many people to take a whole month of vacation, the truth is that the ideal is only two weeks (distributing them, of course, throughout the year).

In any case, during the summer -Especially during the holidays- we usually disconnect, relax and rest after a hard work or study season.

But it is also usual that, during these weeks of rest, the annoying ones appear Headaches .

Headaches in summer

Why do headaches appear in summer?

Surely, during the summer , at some other time your head will hurt. Although many people miss them, especially because they are generally rested and without the stress of day to day, the truth is that this pain is very common at this time.

One of the main causes is the intense heat characteristic of these months, which increases attacks of migraine and headaches.

But also the change of routine can cause its appearance, especially if these changes tend to affect the rhythms of sleep.

We must also monitor the feeding. By habit, it is usual that we do not follow a healthy diet, especially if we are all day away from home or the apartment. It is common to drink more milk, fruits such as orange or sausages or meats.

These foods have a high content of histamine, a molecule capable of increasing the risk of suffering headaches (migraines or headaches). You can learn more in our article about food and headache .

How to avoid and prevent headaches in summer?

  • Avoid excessive heat, especially if you are outside your vacation place.
  • Put on a cap and avoid the hottest hours.
  • Follow a fixed schedule at bedtime.
  • Avoid excess products that take more than two days in the refrigerator: as milk, orange, sausages or tomato.

You have more information in our special about home remedies for headache .

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