Habits that can increase our blood pressure

Some time ago we started a special guide on the blood pressure and the problems arising with, for example, suffering hypertension .

Again today we continue to expand this specialized edition taking into consideration a series of very important issues that will help us to understand -and know- what habits would impact on an increase in our blood pressure .


From the age of 30, and even at the moment in which we have lived for a long time, there are many habits (which could be considered unhealthy, especially those that we carry in excess) that affect our body and our own health in herself.

As we have already tried in some other occasion since Natursan, one of the fundamental bases that help us maintain good health is to maintain a balanced diet and diet.

But some habits that have always been considered "normal" can negatively affect our health and our own blood pressure, sometimes to extremely serious points.

Habits to keep in mind if you have hypertension

The first one is the caffeine , one of the main substances that, incidentally, increase the pressure.

In second place we find the alcohol , which, just by taking 90ml of alcohol per day increases blood pressure by 3mm.

And finally the tobacco , which in a certain sense does not affect the pressure, but does blood vessels , on whose ability to process oxygen decreases, a problem that directly affects blood circulation.

Whether you have high blood pressure or if you are young and keep it at an optimal level but you follow some of these habits, take care and do not wait for it to be too late .

As you know, something is not bad until it becomes excess; and, from there, already what has become excess becomes a problem, and maybe even a serious problem.

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