Guava jam: simple recipe step by step

Guava jam recipe

The guava marmalade It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy this delicious fruit at any time of the year, and above all, in a different way, since unlike other fruits or vegetables, we can enjoy it practically all year round, as it is not a seasonal fruit . It is a food native to America, it is believed that specifically from Brazil, which reproduces by seeds and flowers between the months of April to June.

Although its size, shape and color tend to vary slightly from one to another, there is no doubt that its appearance is really characteristic, as well as its smell, having a very perfumed pulp. However, due to its slightly insipid taste, it is usually usual that not everyone likes it. Therefore, marmalade is a wonderful option, as is the guava paste about whose recipe we already spoke to you on another occasion.

The elaboration of the guava jam is really very simple, as in the end, most of the jams and jams that we can make homemade at home. Do you want to cheer up? We tell you what ingredients you need and the steps to follow for it, easily and without further complications.


  • 1 kg of ripe guavas
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod (optional)
  • Thickener


Wash the guavas well. Then peel them, cut them into several equal pieces and carefully remove the seeds. Cut the vanilla pod in half and reserve.

Then, in an ideal casserole for jams, put the fruit together with the sugar, the thickener and the vanilla pod. Cook until boiling, stirring with the help of a wooden spoon along the cooking.

It is necessary to check the consistency of the jam. Just when you reach the desired point, foam at the end of cooking, and remove the vanilla pod.

With the guava jam still hot, fill the jars or glass jars, leaving two fingers on the top. Close them immediately, and place them face down on a cotton cloth, until they are completely cooled.

Tips for eating guava jam

With what can we eat the guava jam?

Like any other jam, the truth is that it is an excellent choice for breakfast or snack. However, in the particular case of guava jam, for its sweet but slightly perfumed taste, the reality is that it combines perfectly with a wide variety of cheeses, especially tender cheese.

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