Gout attacks: how to prevent them

When a person has the levels of high uric acid , it is deposited in different parts of the body (especially in the joints), where form urate crystals that produce a clear symptomatology: inflammation attempts and lacerating pain, sensation of pressure, tightness and redness.

prevent gout attacks

It is very common that this uric acid tends to affect especially the small joints, as is the case of the fingers and toes (especially the big toe).

Although it can also be common to affect large joints of the body, such as foot, ankle, knee, shoulder and elbow.

Uric acid rises in the blood when we consume a large amount of foods rich in uric acid , since it is at this moment when the organism processes its proteins and, therefore, remains a waste (called uric acid), which is eliminated by the kidneys through urine, and in lesser medium, through sweat.

Symptoms of gout attacks

Although symptoms of gout attack tend to be diverse, there is a common symptomatology that can help your diagnosis, although the best way to diagnose it is from a blood test that helps identify your blood levels:

  • Intense inflammation
  • Pain.
  • Sensation of pressure and tightness.
  • Redness

Prevent gout attacks

There are certain Useful tips for the prevention of gout attacks , which can help precisely when it comes to naturally eliminating uric acid from our body, thus helping to prevent these attacks:

  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables : Banana, watermelon or herbs like parsley stand out above all. They are foods that facilitate the natural elimination of uric acid, while watermelon stands out for eliminating oxalates, and banana for dissolving purines thanks to its lithium content.
  • Maintain a normal weight : Obesity tends to be a causative factor of gout. Therefore, the advisable thing is always to avoid the excess of weight, maintaining a balance diet , practicing physical exercise regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages : Alcohol can cause the retention of urate, so it is advisable to always avoid these types of drinks, especially if you have high levels of uric acid. Above all beer and wine stand out.

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