Good food for the eyes

food-eyes Within the own eye care , there is no doubt that maintaining a good health It becomes one of the main recommendations, not only to enjoy a healthy life, but to take care of the most important organs of our body.

And is that over the years, the health of our eyes are getting worse little by little. Especially if, in our youngest stage, we have not worried about taking care of them properly as it should be due.

It is usual to hear that Food is our medicine . And it is in fact in a phrase as true as true.

There is a certain series of good food for the eyes that are not only useful when it comes to take care of your eyes , but they are also ideal for take care of the sight .

Good food for the eyes

  • Fruits : Above all, they highlight the apricots (rich in carotenoids , which help prevent the loss of visual acuity), cranberries (rich in flavonoids), and the avocado (rich in vitamin C and E).
  • Vegetables and veggies : The fundamental spinach (contains nutrients such as zeaxanthin or lutein), parsley (rich in vitamin C) and carrot (rich in beta carotene ).
  • Nuts : They are ideal above all walnuts (one of the richest nuts in Omega 3 and vitamin E).
  • Cereals : He wheat germ It is very rich in zinc.

As we see, most of these foods are characterized by being completely healthy and natural foods. That is why it is essential to follow a balanced diet, but above all healthy, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish and white meats, legumes and cereals.

If we follow a balanced diet every day we will be providing essential nutrients not only for the correct health of your eyes, but also for your own organism.

And is that an ideal way to take care of our eyes is through food. But, obviously, and as we indicated in the previous lines, it is not advisable any type of food, since you should avoid unhealthy foods as very fatty or sugary products.

Neither should we forget a fundamental question: practice more physical exercise and eliminate harmful habits such as alcohol or tobacco consumption.

There is no doubt that following a healthy lifestyle will not only take care of our health in general, but it will help you to take care of your eyes and to keep them for longer with optimal health.

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