How to have a flat stomach with 12 tips and 3 exercises

How to get a flat stomach

Getting a flat stomach in a few days is not an easy task, but it is possible. First of all we must keep in mind that it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Control weight and change habits are two of the keys to reduce volume of this part of the body. Discover how to get a flat stomach in a few days with our tips.

Useful tips to get a flat stomach and lower belly

1. Eat slowly and chew correctly

Many people do not usually eat excessively but they do it incorrectly. That is, the most important thing is to eat slowly, knowing how to breathe well, slowly and chewing food. Only in this way can we digest food better.

2. Take a lot of fiber

Foods rich in fiber control digestion. They make the digestive system work properly and we can go to the bathroom regularly. They are also responsible for eliminating toxins quickly. Some foods rich in fiber are cereals, fruits, nuts or some vegetables.

3. Exercise on a regular basis

Good nutrition should be accompanied by regular exercise. Well to get a flat belly quickly there are certain exercises that help us, such as sit-ups, swimming, dancing ... ask the personal trainer for advice to mark an exercise routine in order to eliminate belly fat.

Exercise for the flat belly

4. High intensity training

To reduce belly volume more quickly, high intensity exercises are imposed. They usually combine various disciplines of exercises: cardiovascular three days a week, running, swimming and repeating movements several times.

These exercises are also called military because they imitate the exercises practiced by those in the army. We recommend starting from less to more and improving day by day.

5. Intensive abs

This training will help to get a flat stomach in a more or less rapid way. We speak of a short training, which can last from 20 to 30 minutes, while we intensively do several sessions of lower abs.

One exercise after another is performed without any rest space more than 20 seconds of rest.

6. Drink water

In our diet we will increase the water intake. They advise taking 2 to 3 liters of water daily, and if it can be more, much better. In this way, we will hydrate, eliminate toxins and also end satiety and less hunger.

7. New habits

When it comes to fixing the goal of having a flat stomach, it is important to change habits. It is not good to do some exercise and eat well, but to lead a healthier life in a general way. Moving, hiking in the mountains, buying more vitamin-rich foods and giving up alcohol and tobacco are clear examples.

Hiking for flat belly

8. Less carbohydrates and sugar

Among the foods that we eat we must reduce carbohydrates and foods that carry a lot of sugar. Just as we emphasized that water is perfect for reducing the flat stomach, so are sugary drinks, such as soft drinks, concentrated juices and others. In the case of taking juices always better natural and freshly squeezed.

9. Avoid fats

Change of life habits implies eating well. In our diet we will avoid the consumption of fats, such as fried foods and fast food. We will leave saturated fats and trans fats for healthy (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, among others).

10. Eat on a regular basis

Of little use that we eat healthy foods if we do not follow a schedule. So, as much as possible, we will always eat at the same time, slowly, breathing and without skipping meals. The body gets used to a routine and it is easier to lose weight and maintain ourselves.

The healthy diet is ideal for a flat stomach

11. Cooking with a little oil

As we have already explained, we are going to avoid a lot of foods rich in saturated fats. Cook with little or no oil, and avoid butter that can be replaced by olive oils.

12. The best way to cook food

Eating grilled or fried is not so healthy, so that the way you cook food also influences when losing weight. It is better to steam food, bake, eat certain raw foods well disinfected, and make homemade meals.

Useful exercises to lose belly and have a flat stomach


They are ideal because they strengthen the abdomen area. Its implementation is very simple: lying on the floor, you must support the legs on the floor and raise the back progressively, maintaining tension in the abdomen, to return to put the back in contact with the ground.

Abdominals in scissors

The practice of this type of exercise is the same as the previous one, but with the difference that, when we elevate the back progressively, we take our right elbow with the left knee, and vice versa.

Oblique abs

Lying on your back with your shoulders stuck to the floor, you should turn your hips 90 degrees to one side, with your legs bent, so that they are perpendicular to your shoulders.

Now you must raise the trunk, but without straining your back. You can do several repetitions on one side, and then turn your legs towards the other and do the same.

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