Garlic: benefits and properties

There is no doubt that the Garlic Occupies a truly outstanding place in the gastronomy and in the kitchen of many homes. Not in vain, indeed occupied a very important place in the food of the Hebrews and the Egyptians.


To give just one example, the Egyptians even elevated them to the rank of divinity, especially by the Benefits and properties Which were attributed to them.

For this reason, much has been studied about the supposed virtues that, for the health of the people who consume them, have the Garlic .

Benefits and properties of garlic

He Garlic Decreases the platelet aggregation while increasing the fibrinolytic activity in a sensitive way, so it has outstanding antithrombotic properties.

It also prevents atherosclerosis and different vascular accidents, since it also has a hypocholesterolemic and lipid-lowering activity.

This means that garlic improves blood circulation by acting positively on the hypertension , Besides being bacteriostatic, which also supposes that it is antifungal and a good intestinal disinfectant.

Contains Alli And ajoeno, that prevent the degradation of digestive juices, ideal not only to prevent bad breath.

Equally known are its virtues for colds and constipated, being ideal as Home remedies for flu .

In addition, we must not forget the virtues that the Garlic against high cholesterol .

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