Functional foods for children

food-functional-children Some time ago we told you about the so-called Functional Foods , natural foods in which, some of its components, has been improved or enriched, or has been eliminated.

In fact, we already know the types of functional foods that currently exist, and that today we can find in the market.

But today we want to analyze those functional foods for children specially developed and designed to provide them with vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for their proper development.

Functional foods for children

Surely, at some point, your pediatrician will have spoken to you about the so-called Functional Foods .

As we briefly explained in the previous lines, these types of foods are natural products that, either one of its components has been improved or eliminated, or has been increased or improved chemically.

At present, we can find ourselves in the market with a wide variety of functional products suitable for the little ones.

For example, prebiotic foods they help them to make a correct digestion and to make their digestive system function correctly. This is because they contain oligosaccharides that act as prebiotic agents and are resistant to digestion, so they remain unchanged in the colon, where they are fermented by the resident microflora.

We can also choose probiotic foods, which contain live microorganisms that, ingested in a recommended and adequate amount, are very beneficial for health.

The same happens with the so-called bifidogenic foods, which promote the development of beneficial intestinal flora.

With regard to the specific functional products that we can find in the market for the smallest, we observe yogurts enriched with calcium and vitamins; the enriched fruit juices; cookies rich in fiber and vitamins; and cereals enriched with calcium, fiber and vitamins, to name just a few examples.

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