Fried foods and health

food-fried-health Although the frying (and the fried foods in itself), they are a very common kind of cooking that every day takes place in many homes around the world.

However, it is not a very dietetic and healthy option that we say, since it consists of immersing the food in abundant oil, at a temperature that can reach 180º C.

In this way the food tends to greasy excess, causing a difficult digestion, and having a very negative impact on our health, although in a certain sense we do not realize it.

How to get a quality frying

Since the food tends to be greased in a considerable excess, one of the best options for health care and continue opting for this type of cooking, wait until the oil is sufficiently hot before introducing the food to fry.

We can choose the olive oil (before the sunflower oil), since this oil holds very well the high temperatures.

We must also prevent food from burning or smoking, since, in this way, toxic substances can be created due to the denaturation of the fatty acids in the oil.

We can not forget at this time of a basic recommendation that should be followed practically after each frying: drain the fried foods well with absorbent paper, and dry them.

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