Foods that increase uric acid

When we perform a blood test There are a series of elements that are studied and analyzed routinely. Among these basic elements we can mention above all cholesterol, glucose, transaminases, creatinine and uric acid, in addition to other elements that may vary slightly depending on the request of the medical specialist.

In the particular case of uric acid , it becomes a basic element whose analysis is fundamental to discover if high values ​​are found in the blood or not, given that if it were and accumulated in excess it could result in occurrence of arthritis or gout , to accumulate in the fluid present in the joints and to deal with inflammation of the joints and pain, especially affecting the toes, ankles and feet in general.

Foods that raise uric acid

As we explained to you on a previous occasion, it is a chemical compound that our organism creates when the purines (substances found in certain foods that are then absorbed by our body), which leave the final residue of uric acid. Therefore, when you have high levels of uric acid in the blood, it is very important to follow a low purine diet , keeping well in mind what foods raise uric acid in the blood.

What foods raise the úrico acid in the blood?

Red and white meats

Red meats are one of the richest foods in purines , and not only the red meat but also its derivatives. Thus, for example, while pork contributes 150 grams per 100 grams. of purines, the beef provides a little more than 160 mg. of purines. We should also mention very fatty meats and organ meats: extracts of meat, cow's liver, cow's kidney, veal liver, minced beef, brains, cow's heart, beef tenderloin, beef ribs and beef.

The so-called white meats also provide purines , although in less quantity than red meats. For example, in the case of chicken meat, 100 grams provide between 50 to 120 mg. of purines. We must also mention the turkey.

On the other hand, meat derivatives are also rich in purines . We can mention in this sense the meat broths, since the purines tend to pass into the water during the cooking process.


Although the vegetables are essential in a healthy, varied and balanced diet, did you know that they also provide many purines ?. On this occasion, especially lentils stand out as the foods within this group are richer in purines: 100 grams contribute between 50 to 160 mg. of purines.


Blue Fish

Although Blue fish is essential in a healthy diet because of its high content of healthy fatty acids , Did you know that they also contribute and contain many purines ?. In this group we must place special emphasis on herring and sardines.

Certain drinks

Not only foods provide purines, we can also find them in high quantities in certain drinks. Are the beers , a healthy drink but with a high amount of purines, and the coffee .

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