Foods that cause headaches

Foods that cause headache There is nothing more annoying than a headache . In fact, it becomes one of the main reasons for medical consultation, given that it is estimated that about 90% of the population has at least one episode of headache a year .

But the figure reaches 80% when we discover the number of people that they suffer headaches quite often .

For most of the population the symptoms of headache are mild , not making it impossible for them to continue with their daily routine. But sometimes it can be extremely uncomfortable, especially in those cases where it is accompanied by migraine .

Although there are multiple causes of headache , since it can be caused by common problems such as stress or hormonal changes, nose or mouth disorders or muscle contractures, following a certain diet can influence the occurrence of a headache much more frequently.

And is that you knew that there are foods that cause headaches ? We expose the most common.

Foods that cause headaches

On many occasions the person who feels headache he does not find an explanation to why it has appeared and what are its causes.

In fact, there are relatively few people suffering from a headache who take into account that certain foods can be the cause of headaches present.

Next we name you the main ones foods that cause headache :

  • Chocolate .
  • Nuts , except prunes, which are beneficial.
  • Cured cheeses .
  • Sausages .
  • Citrus .
  • Precooked foods .
  • Pickled food .

There are also certain beverages that can also cause the appearance of headache:

  • Coffee .
  • Tea .
  • Alcoholic drinks .

Therefore, although all these foods are generally healthy, if you suffer from frequent headaches they can be for several reasons. On the one hand, you may be abusing the consumption of some of these foods (for example, chocolate, sausages or nuts). On the other, you may be more sensitive to them.

Therefore, the key is to try to reduce the consumption of some of these foods to try to discover which are the culprits of our headache.

Another way to combat headaches with food is to consume food for headache . Take good note.

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