Foods rich in vitamin A

The Vitamin A is a vitamin also known by the name of retinol or axeroftol , which stands out - as it could not be less - for being an essential vitamin for the correct functioning of our organism, especially for the organ of sight, being necessary for the formation of the different visual pigments of the retina, allowing that when it diminishes the light our vision adapts.

Although this is one of its most known functions, it is also true that it is important both in the growth and in the renewal of the mucous membranes, it intervenes in the resistance of the organism to infections and in the formation of certain hormones, among others.

vitamin A rich foods

Regarding daily needs of vitamin A , depend on the age in which the person is. And it is that although when we are babies these needs go to be 450 mcg / day and from 6 to 9 years goes to 400 mcg / day, from 10 years to 70 years onwards their daily consumption will be 800 mcg / day .

Precisely a really useful option to make sure that we consume the daily amount of vitamin A What our body needs is to always consume Foods rich in vitamin A .

Foods richer in vitamin A


Vitamin A (mcg)

Liver 20,000
Cod liver oil 1,800
Carrot 1,345
Margarine 900
Butter 828
Fatty cheese 800
Eggs (chicken) 740
Sweet potato and sweet potato 665
Caviar 560
Spinach 540
Cream 500
Watercress 500
Swordfish 500
Mango 478
Endives 250
Clams 250
Medlars 220
Tomatoes 215
Persimmons 158

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