Foods rich in saturated fats

The fats are obviously indispensable within a balance diet . In fact, between 30 to 35% of daily calories and what we eat daily should be made up of fats.

saturated fat foods

But, of course, everything will depend on the type of fats that we are going to consume, since it is not the same to consume healthy fats than to take a diet based on Saturated fats or in Trans fat .

In this sense, it is true that in order to eliminate saturated fats from the diet it is essential to know which are the foods richest in saturated fats , to reduce their consumption or eliminate them from the diet.

It is also possible to take some measures and guidelines that help in its reduction, given that in some cases it is enough to limit the consumption of certain food groups or eliminate some parts of these foods.

Foods high in saturated fats

Oils and fats

They emphasize above all the coconut oil and the Palm oil , as well as the products derived in this type of fatty oils.

Butter and margarine

We must avoid above all the consumption of peanut butter and the corn margarine , in addition to reducing the consumption of one's own Butter In herself.

Milk and milk products

There are certain dairy products or products derived from dairy products such as cream or the creamy cheeses They must be eliminated because they are rich in saturated fats.

It is best to replace them with skimmed milk and light or non-fat dairy products.

Meats and birds

It is best to eliminate the fat found in meats and poultry, and limit the consumption of these meats throughout the weekly diet.

The best thing is to eliminate the fried chicken skin and the pork ribs with fat .


The best way is to avoid yolk , because it is the part of the egg that is richest in saturated fats. However, it is possible to consume three eggs a week without their fat consumption being a problem.

Bakery, pastry and sweets

Obviously we must reduce or eliminate all sweet foods such as pastries, pastries and sweets, as well as jellybeans and salty snacks.

They are the foods richest in saturated fats. And what is even worse, both in empty calories as in trans fat.

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